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Cure Possible After Colon Cancer Spread to Liver

By January 24, 2011

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Receiving news that you have colon cancer that has spread to your liver is something nobody should have to go through. And many people who get this news have a horror story of well meaning, but insensitive friends or family members who bring up the statistics about "nobody" surviving once they have metastatic cancer, which is cancer that has spread beyond the place where it started.

Now, a new research paper shares the latest data on survival after colon cancer has spread to the liver. It gives reason for hope, and shows that people can be cured, even after having colon cancer in the liver.

The study showed that of the people with liver metastasis (no spread to bone or other organs) who undergo surgery to remove the colon cancer growths from the liver, 34% will live at least five years. Even more encouraging is that of the 34% of people who live at least five years after surgery, half will go on to live 10 or more years and be cured of colon cancer liver metastasis.

These numbers may sound dismal to anyone who doesn't have colon cancer, and certainly, we need more and better treatments to bring that cure rate to 100%. But the fact that a significant portion of people survive a disease that was once considered a death sentence, is incredibly encouraging.

If you have colon cancer with liver metastasis, talk to your doctor about all options that can help you live well into the future. And don't be afraid to get a second opinion to make sure you know what treatment path is best for you.

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