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Financial Stress

Helpful Tips if You're Newly Diagnosed with Cancer

If you have recently been diagnosed with colon cancer, the sudden influx of information can be overwhelming. Follow these tips to reduce your stress and start a relationship with your medical team.

Colon Cancer Spotlight10

Anal Pain After Radiation Therapy

Rectal and anal pain are a potential side effect of radiation therapy used to treat anal or rectal cancers. Learn how to mitigate the discomfort and resume control of your treatment.

Fact or Fiction: A Fear of Pooping Publicly

Parcopresis, or the phobia of having a bowel movement in a public toilet, is a very real fear that can lead to abdominal discomfort and chronic constipation.

When to Call the Doctor After Bowel Surgery

Knowing what to look for -- and report to your surgeon -- after bowel surgery might save you another trip into the hospital and improve your recovery.

Don't Let Painful Constipation Slow You Down

If you've caught yourself habitually using over the counter laxatives to relieve your bowels you might suffer chronic constipation. Don't fret; it is usually linked to a benign and treatable cause.

Where Does Colon Cancer Spread?

When colon cancer metastasizes, or spreads, it most typically goes to the liver, lung, or the peritoneum. Learn the symptoms and tests associated with diagnosing metastasis.

How Do You Know When Your Bowel Prep is Complete?

During your bowel prep you might be wondering if the bowel movements will ever end. Just remember, this cleansing is one the most important things you do to prepare for the colonoscopy.

Dying of Cancer

If you are losing a loved one to colon cancer, watching for the physical signs of disease progression is natural. However, we are all individuals and every experience can be different.

Colorectal Cancer In Situ

If there is a desirable type of colon cancer to have, it would be carcinoma in situ. This is the earliest possible form of cancer that is easily treated.

Low Fat Diets Don't Have to Taste Bad

Eating a low fat diet doesn't have to be torture. Learn how to make exchanges and spot unhealthy fats to improve your overall health.

What is Capsule Endoscopy?

A pill sized camera that can record the inside of your gastrointestinal tract? It's fact and it has a name: Capsule endoscopy.

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