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Low-Carb SnacksSex and Stress

Helpful Tips if You're Newly Diagnosed with Cancer

If you have recently been diagnosed with colon cancer, the sudden influx of information can be overwhelming. Follow these tips to reduce your stress and start a relationship with your medical team.

Colon Cancer Spotlight10

Are You Eligible for a Free Colonoscopy?

The colonoscopy can help catch and treat colorectal cancer in its earliest stages. Don't avoid the test if you are uninsured; there are many local, state and national resources available to assist you.

Battling Constipation Naturally

If you're battling the occasional bout of constipation, don't immediately reach for the over the counter laxatives. There are some things you can try for relief first.

Caffeine and Your Colon

Coffee lovers rejoiced at the turn of the century news that caffeine might help decrease colon cancer risk. However, larger, newer studies are challenging that initial thought.

Five Foods That Promote Colon Health

The short list of super foods for your colon might just surprise you. Most people know the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, but here are some newcomers to the table.

What Are the Chances of Complications from Colonoscopy?

Learn more about the rare, but potential risks of a colonoscopy to allay your fears and help you schedule this important colon cancer screening exam.

What Are Tumor Markers?

Tumor markers and gene mutations can not only help define your cancer treatment options, they can also help predict a recurrence of cancer.

Famous People That We've Lost to Colorectal Cancer

The loss of so many iconic celebrities is tragic, but continues to highlight the importance of colorectal cancer screening exams and early treatment.

Drugs That Stimulate the Appetite During Cancer Treatment

Nutrition during cancer treatment is a vital part of your body's ability to heal and repair. Although it is not a first choice, if other attempts to boost the appetite have failed, there are prescription medications that can help.

Losing Weight on Chemo

Even if you're looking to lose a few pounds, you don't want to begin while on chemotherapy. Your body needs the nutrients to heal and repair damaged tissues.

Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Cancer Screening

Many delays in scheduling cancer screening exams stem from a fear of the unknown. Learn why the dreaded colonoscopy isn't nearly as bad as you feared.

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