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Low-Carb Snacks

Helpful Tips if You're Newly Diagnosed with Cancer

If you have recently been diagnosed with colon cancer, the sudden influx of information can be overwhelming. Follow these tips to reduce your stress and start a relationship with your medical team.

Colon Cancer Spotlight10

Help for Painful Mouth Sores on Chemo

Pain and sores in your mouth during chemotherapy can be devastating. This condition, called mucositis, can cause inadequate hydration, nutrition, and can even lead to infection.

Can an Apple a Day Keep Colon Cancer Away?

We know we are supposed to eat fruits and vegetables, but is there really any scientific evidence that eating an apple a day will reduce the risk of colon cancer?

Don't Put That in Your Rectum

Rectally inserted foreign objects can start a journey and travel into your sigmoid colon, which may require surgical removal. It's best practice to keep foreign objects out of your rectum.

Anger Because of a Cancer Diagnosis

Anger is a normal and healthy reaction to being diagnosed with colon cancer. However, left unchecked, it can damage your physical and your mental health.

Can I Donate Blood if I've Had Cancer?

Blood donation is not forbidden as a colon cancer survivor, but there are specific timelines and rules governing your ability to donate. Learn how you can help.

Is Drinking Alcohol Safe with Colon Cancer?

If you're fighting colorectal cancer, talk to your doctor before you drink alcohol. The perceived benefit may not outweigh the risk you're taking.

Alcohol Enemas Can Be Fatal

Frighteningly, whether performed as a kooky college dare or as part of a more deliberate scheme to get drunk, your first alcohol enema may be your last.

Are You Eligible for a Free Colonoscopy?

The colonoscopy can help catch and treat colorectal cancer in its earliest stages. Don't avoid the test if you are uninsured; there are many local, state and national resources available to assist you.

Battling Constipation Naturally

If you're battling the occasional bout of constipation, don't immediately reach for the over the counter laxatives. There are some things you can try for relief first.

Caffeine and Your Colon

Coffee lovers rejoiced at the turn of the century news that caffeine might help decrease colon cancer risk. However, larger, newer studies are challenging that initial thought.

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