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Eating to Best Manage Iron Deficiency Anemia - Colon Cancer
Jun 2, 2014 ... Iron deficiency anemia can be a side effect of some cancer treatments, but the right foods and good nutrition can help you manage iron ...
Anemia and Arthritis - About.com
May 26, 2014 ... Anemia is not uncommon in people with active inflammatory types of arthritis. Anemia of chronic disease should be distinguished from other ...
What Is Anemia? - Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) - About.com
Sep 18, 2014 ... Definition: A low red blood cell count or a lack of hemoglobin in the body. There are several different causes of anemia. In inflammatory bowel ...
Anemia in Pregnancy - Pregnancy & Childbirth - About.com
Jul 17, 2014 ... How to get the iron you need, so that you can have a safe and healthy pregnancy and prevent anemia in pregnancy.
Anemia - Health Topics A-Z - About.com
The first step in any diagnosis is a physical examination to determine if the patient has symptoms of anemia and any complications. Because anemia may be the ...
Definition of Anemia - Lung Cancer - About.com
Anemia is a decrease in the number of red blood cells (RBC's) or hemoglobin, resulting in a lower ability for the blood to carry oxygen to body tissues. Anemia ...
Anemia - Health Topics A-Z - About.com
It should be noted that they will not correct anemias that are not due to iron deficiency. One study reported that physicians prescribed iron pills for 64% of patients ...
Foods for Treating Iron Deficiency Anemia
While excessive blood loss most commonly causes iron deficiency anemia, increasing your dietary intake of iron-rich foods can both help prevent and treat low ...
Anemia and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
May 27, 2014 ... Anemia is a term that is used to describe a low red blood cell count. There are three different general types of blood cells -- red blood cells, ...
Chemotherapy Induced Anemia - Symptoms and Treatment
Anemia is a common side effect of chemotherapy. Knowing the symptoms of anemia, treatment options, and what you can do to cope, can help you understand ...
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