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Living with Colon Cancer


If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with colon cancer, learn more about how to care for your physical and emotional health here. A diagnosis of colon cancer will change your life irrevocably; use these tools and tips to learn positive coping strategies.
  1. Colon Cancer Resources
  2. Taking Care of Yourself
  3. Dietary Considerations
  4. Finding and Giving Support

Colon Cancer Resources

Learn more about the resources available to you during your fight with colon cancer. Everyone has different needs when it comes to support. Whether you require telephonic, online or in-person support, you will be able to find the right resources to meet your needs here.

Taking Care of Yourself

Getting diagnosed with colon cancer will not fundamentally change who you are, but it may open the door to some positive lifestyle changes. Learn how exercise, diet and your emotional health may impact your fight against colon cancer.

Dietary Considerations

Your dietary choices impact your colon before, during and even after a diagnosis of colon cancer. Learn how choosing the right foods and nutrition may help alleviate symptoms, decrease your risk of colon cancer and help decrease your risk of cancer recurrence. Dietary considerations may frequently change, with special needs occuring before and after surgery, chemotherapy and even radiation therapy.

Finding and Giving Support

Emotional and physical support can help ease your journey through colon cancer. Whether you are fighting the disease yourself or helping a loved one through it, learn how to help, what not to say, and find support here, at the About.com Colon Cancer Forums, where you are always welcome.

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