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This Week in Research (January 26, 2007)


Updated: April 15, 2007

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Sources for the Week

If you'd like to read more plain-language explanations of colorectal cancer research, please visit the Cancer Research section. If you'd rather go straight to the source and read scientific studies as written by the researchers (i.e., skip my explanation), please explore the Journal Articles about Colorectal Cancer section of this site.

  1. Laino, Charlene. Avastin Slows Cancer Growth. Medscape. 22 Jan. 2007. Accessed 25 Jan. 2007. [http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/551147?sssdmh=dm1.241670&src=nlpatient].

  2. Larsson, S. and Giovannucci, E. "Dietary Carbohydrate, Glycemic Index, and Glycemic Load in Relation to Risk of Colorectal Cancer in Women." American Journal of Epidemiology 165.3 (Feb. 2007): 256-261. Accessed 25 Jan. 2007.

  3. Mannisto, S. and Yaun, S. "Dietary Carotenoids and Risk of Colorectal Cancer in a Pooled Analysis of 11 Cohort Studies." American Journal of Epidemiology 165.3 (Feb. 2007): 246-255. Accessed 25 Jan. 2007.
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