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Rectal Melanoma Incidence Statistics

How often does rectal melanoma occur?


Updated: August 27, 2006

When you hear the word melanoma, you probably think of skin cancer. In fact, you may not have realized that melanoma could even occur in the rectum. That makes sense, since the most common location for melanoma is the skin. But, the second most common location for melanoma is the eye and the third, is the anorectal region (anus and rectum). This type of melanoma was first reported in 1857, so even though rectal melanoma isn't a common conversation piece, it has been around a while. Let's get the facts about its occurrence rates.

Rectal Melanoma Incidence Statistics

  • Rectal melanoma tends to occur in women more often than men.

  • Rectal melanoma accounts for less than five percent of all malignant tumors of the anorectal region.

  • Rectal melanoma accounts for less than three percent of melanomas in general.
These rectal melanoma incidence statistics were derived from multiple studies published in a variety of scientific journals.

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