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Colorectal Cancer Death Statistics for the U.S.

How many people die from colorectal cancer in the United States?


Updated: January 18, 2007

Death statistics aren't great conversation starters, but they're good to know. You probably don't hear much about colorectal cancer because the word "rectal" isn't one we like to use a whole lot. But, as these death statistics demonstrate, we should talk about it more because colorectal cancer, and dying from colorectal cancer, is prevalent in our society.

Death Statistics for the U.S.

  • Each year, more than 50,000 people die from colorectal cancer.

  • Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death due to cancer for men and women combined. (Lung cancer is the first.)

  • Someone dies from colorectal cancer every 9.3 minutes.

  • More lives are lost each year to colorectal cancer than to breast cancer and AIDS combined.

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common, and yet preventable, cancers. To learn more about colorectal cancer prevention, please read Top 10 Colon Cancer Prevention Tips.

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