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Free Stuff for Colon Cancer Patients

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Updated December 30, 2012

Who doesn't like free stuff? Fact is, there are literally hundreds of valuable resources and links on the Web for people fighting colon cancer – you just have to know where to look.

Food, Clothes, and Shelter

The medical bills, time off work for treatment, and copayments can deplete your bank account if you're fighting colon cancer. These organizations might be able to help:

  • Cancer Fund of America, Inc. can help you with your basic needs and ships packages to people and families fighting cancer that contain hygiene and toiletry items, household goods, and other products for free. You can enroll in their program by calling 1-800-578-5284 or visit them on the Web here.
  • Chris 4Life occasionally has grants available for qualified people fighting colorectal cancer. The money can be used for transportation to and from medical appointments, child care, and groceries. Contact them by clicking here or by phone at 773-551-5434.
  • Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund is a grant-based program that helps people ages 18 to 40. The usual grant offers about $600 that can be used for medical copayments, groceries, and even transportation to and from treatment. You can reach them at 661-310-7950 or on the Web by clicking here.
  • The United Way has an online 2-1-1 helpline that can provide referrals for people in need of food, healthcare, and even counseling. Find them on them on the Web by clicking here.
  • Meals on Wheels can provide free meals delivered to your door, if you are eligible for this program. Reach them at 703-548-5558 or on the Web by clicking here.
  • The American Cancer Society has classes and professionals who can help you with nutrition, finances, self-care during chemotherapy and learning more about colon cancer. Contact them at 800-ACS-2345.

Support and Other Resources

  • The Colon Cancer Alliance has resources to help you find ways to pay for basic needs during colon cancer treatment, and can help low-income families. You can call them at 202-628-0123 or reach them on the Web by clicking here.
  • At the Corporate Angel Network, Inc. people with cancer fly free. You must be able to travel without medical support. Contact them at 866-328-1313 or on the Web by clicking here.
  • The Colon Cancer Alliance can help you find free ostomy supplies, education, and community resources. Contact them at 202-628-0123 or look for them on the Web by clicking here.
  • Heavenly Hats offers completely free hats to cancer survivors who have lost their hair following treatment. Find them on the Web by clicking here.
  • Cleaning for a Reason offers four monthly free house cleanings to women with cancer. Contact them at 877-337-3348 or on the Web by clicking here.
  • The Patient Advocate Foundation can help you deal with your insurance company to file a claim, complaint, or even assist in finding you health insurance if you have none. Find them on the Web by clicking here.
  • My Cancer Circle is an online tool that can be used to organize friends, family and loved ones who would like to help you during your treatment. Sign up here.
  • Lydia Project is a volunteer-based organization that will provide a free tote bag with lotion, a journal and other items inside for free. Find them on the Web by clicking here.
  • Dream Foundation is an organization that helps to grant the wish of adults fighting cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. The wish may be financial assistance, seeing a long-lost friend, or anything else you can think up. Contact them at 805-564-2131 or find them on the Web by clicking here.

Discounted Lodging During Treatment

  • The American Cancer Society sponsors the Hope Lodge. You can contact them at 800-ACS-2345 or on the Web byclicking here.
  • The National Association of Homes and Hospitality (NAHH) provides a list of city and state-specific, country-wide discounted lodging for people during cancer treatment. You can find it on the Web by clicking here.


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