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Symptoms and Diagnosis of Colon Cancer


The symptoms of colon cancer may range from microscopic amounts of blood in the stool to changes in your bowel movements. This collection of gastrointestinal complaints can be upsetting -- talk to your doctor if you are suffering concerning symptoms. One person may have no symptoms at all, while another person may have multiple symptoms present. Empower yourself about this disease through education -- learn about the symptoms and diagnosis of colon cancer, as well as factors that may increase your personal risk.
  1. Colon Cancer Symptoms
  2. Making a Colon Cancer Diagnosis
  3. What Increases Colon Cancer Risk?

Colon Cancer Symptoms

The symptoms suggestive of colon cancer may range from nonexistent to severe, be vague or obvious, and may be different for each person. Learn more about the symptoms of colon cancer and empower yourself with knowledge about this disease. If you fear you are suffering symptoms of colon cancer do not hesitate -- see your doctor and discuss your concerns. Early diagnosis may save lives.

Making a Colon Cancer Diagnosis


Fecal occult blood tests, fecal immunochemical tests, double-contrast barium enemas and colonoscopies -- just a few examples of the many tests used to screen for and diagnose colon cancer. Although these tests may be dreaded, they may save lives. Catching colon cancer early may increase survival -- basically, the earlier you catch the cancer, the better. Learn how to prepare for these tests and what to expect to allay any anxiety the impending exams are causing.

What Increases Colon Cancer Risk?


Learn about the risk factors of colon cancer and what changes you can make to improve your personal risk. You may be able to mitigate some factors, like a sedentary lifestyle, but you cannot mitigate others, such as your gender or age. Take control of your future by learning about both, and possibly making little changes to your lifestyle, diet and activity to decrease your personal risk of developing colon cancer.

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