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Donating to a worthy cause is one way to quell the feelings of helpnesses that often accompany the loss of a loved one, or the inability to help a particular person as much as we wish we could. This is because it allows us to help someone, even though we don't know whom that someone will be. Why not check out these charities to see if there are any you're interested in supporting?
Air Compassion America
Air Compassion America offers significant cost savings for seriously-ill family members who require long-distance transportation. The organization serves as a patient advocate for life-saving air ambulance services.
American Association for Cancer Research
The American Association for Cancer Research funds innovative research to unlock the secrets of cancer and distributes the latest research findings among all segments of the scientific community worldwide.
American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society is the largest funder of non-governmental cancer research, resulting in 32 Nobel Prize winners and breakthrough discoveries. It provides community-based early detection/prevention programs and patient assistance.
Angel Flight for Veterans
Angel Flight for Veterans provides air transportation for members of the military, veterans, and their families to distant medical centers.
Cancer Treatment Research Foundation
The Cancer Treatment Research Foundation expedites innovative, scientifically-based, human research into beneficial treatment options for cancer patients today.
Caregivers Association of America
The Caregivers Association of America makes a difference by educating, empowering, supporting, and speaking-up for all of America's family caregivers across the boundaries of age and diagnosis.
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is rated #1 in New England for breakthrough cancer research and treatment. It provides hope for thousands of people who are diagnosed with cancer.
Gilda's Club Worldwide
Gilda's Club Worldwide is a free community where people living with cancer, their families, and friends, can come together for social and emotional support as an adjunct to medical care.
Lymphoma Foundation of America
The Lymphoma Foundation of America is a national organization devoted solely to helping lymphoma patients and families. Its services include support groups, second opinions, counseling, referrals, research, new treatments, patients' rights, and treatment alternatives.
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center is a cancer research institute that translates laboratory discoveries into new, effective, non-toxic treatments and provides new therapies that improve quality of life.
The Wellness Community
The Wellness Community provides free support, education, and hope to people affected by cancer. Its programs help people regain control, reduce feelings of isolation, and restore hope.
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