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Does alcohol increase colorectal cancer risk?


Updated: August 30, 2006

Photo by Marcao (flickr.com)
Photo by Marcao (flickr.com)

Question: Does alcohol increase colorectal cancer risk?

Answer: Research has indicated that alcohol increases colorectal cancer risk. Research has also shown that it lowers it, or that it has no effect at all. So which is right? All of it may be. The key appears to be what kind of alcohol you're drinking.


A study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology found that people who drank more than one beer a day were more likely to develop colorectal cancer than non-beer drinkers. Another study (published in the journal Gut) provided more details, adding that drinking beer didn't impact colon cancer risk, but could increase rectal cancer risk. The researchers determined that drinking one beer a day more than doubled the risk of developing rectal cancer.


If you like spirits, you're not going to like this. And if you don't know what spirits are, they're drinks like gin, bourbon, and vodka. A study published in the journal Gut found that drinking two glasses of spirits a day more than doubled the risk of developing rectal cancer. Think doubling your risk is bad? Researchers at Stony Brook University determined that drinking nine or more servings of spirits a week on a regular basis tripled colon cancer risk.


The same researchers who reported that spirits could triple colon cancer risk, also determined that drinking a glass or two of wine each week could decrease colon cancer risk by as much as 60%.

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