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Colon Cancer Myths and Facts

Learn about common colon cancer myths and get the facts about this disease.

Is Plastic a Carcinogen or Not?
Don't trash all your plastic containers because of an urban legend email -- but do learn how to safely reheat foods in your microwave and decrease your risk of cancer.

Top Myths About Colon Cancer
Debunk the many myths about colon cancer by separating fact from fiction.

Flatulence Myths
The average person farts at least 13 times per day. Passing gas does not signify cancer or a disease process. It is a normal human function.

I Take a Fiber Supplement So I Can Eat What I Want
Learn about how diet can protect you against colon cancer.

Wrong Cancer Diagnosis?
Although uncommon, misdiagnosis of cancer does occur. Learn how and why this travesty occurs and how to advocate for yourself in the labrinth of medical care.

Treatment Fatigue
Cancer related fatigue is unlike any other type of exhaustion. Learn the cause, treatment and how long you can expect to suffer this uncomfortable symptom.

It's Not in my Family So I Don't Need to be Screened
Learn why screening is important, even if colon cancer doesn't run in your family.

What You Need to Know Before You Colon Cleanse
A colon cleanse might sound like a good idea, but be sure to read the fine print before you sign up for this unproven and potentially harmful procedure.

Colon Cancer Screening is Embarrassing
Learn why colon cancer screening is worth the trouble and how to make it easier on yourself.

My Screening Was Clear So I Can Forget About Colon Cancer Now
Learn why paying attention to your body is important.

Beware of the Colon Cleanser Premise
Colon cleansers are widely popularized as a way to prevent and cure some diseases. Learn why this practice may not be beneficial -- or even safe.

There's Nothing I Can Do to Lower My Risk
Learn what you can do to lower your colon cancer risk.

Don't Let Your Bowels Get Plugged
If you are taking opioid pain medications there is a very good chance that these drugs will constipate you -- it is a normal and anticipated side effect.

How Long Do I Have, Doc?
Survival rates and colon cancer statistics provide a general frame of reference for your specific stage and grade of cancer. Whether or not you choose to discuss them with your doctor is a personal choice.

Can Bowel Surgery Cause Erectile Dysfunction?
Discuss the potential for erectile dysfunction with your doctor before you schedule bowel surgery for colon cancer, especially if you are of child bearing age.

Help I Can't Sleep on Chemo!
Insomnia and cancer go hand in hand about 30 to 50 percent of the time. If you're dreaming of sleeping take a few minutes to learn proper sleep hygiene and simple causes for sleeplessness.

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