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Gift Ideas for Colon Cancer Patients

Having trouble thinking of a gift for the person in your life who has colon cancer? Here are some gift ideas geared toward colon cancer patients. Examples include gift ideas for hospitalized co-workers, flower bouquets for home or the hospital, and boredom-busting gift ideas like 3D puzzles.
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Gifts for Co-Workers in the Hospital
A common scenario: A co-worker is in the hospital and you want to get her something that says you're thinking of her. But, the fact is, you don't know your co-worker all that well and aren't sure what to get. Here are some safe bets for hospitalized co-workers.
Top Flower Bouquets for Colon Cancer Patients
Yes, it's been done before, but it's hard to go wrong with flower bouquets. You can buy flower bouquets online, from a local florist, at the grocery store, and (last minute) at the hospital. Here are my top flower bouquet picks for colon cancer patients.
3D Puzzles for Colon Cancer Patients
Have you ever seen 3D puzzles? They're sort of like constructor sets for adults (or very smart, patient children). I think 3D puzzles make great gifts for colon cancer patients because putting one together is a sedentary but constructive activity that requires a lot of thought.
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