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Mucinous Carcinoma


Updated: September 12, 2006


The term "mucinous" means that something has a lot of mucus. Carcinomas that are comprised of at least 60% mucus are referred to as mucinous.

Scientists think that the presence of mucus allows cancer cells to spread faster. As a result, mucinous carcinomas are considered more aggressive than regular carcinomas and are harder to successfully treat.

Other names for mucinous carcinoma include mucinous adenocarcinoma, mucinous tumor, and colloid carcinoma. Mucinous carcinomas account for about 10-15% of all adenocarcinomas.

For information, please read Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of the Colon and Rectum.

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Also Known As: mucinous adenocarcinoma, mucinous tumor, colloid carcinoma

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