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Preventing Colon Cancer and its Recurrence

There are plenty of things you can do to lower your colon cancer risk. Even after diagnosis, you can use diet and nutrition, exercise, and colon cancer screening to stay healthy and reduce your risk of getting colon cancer again (recurrence).

What Can I Eat to Prevent Colon Cancer?
Although there is no scientific proof that certain foods will prevent cancer, a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables may help reduce your risk of colon cancer. Learn how to make healthier selections and why your cooking method matters here.

Coping with the Fear of Colon Cancer Recurrence
Fear is a normal emotion following a battle with colon cancer. Coping with the fear of recurrence is not an easy task; learn how to use this fear to your advantage with lifestyle, diet and activity changes. Reducing your risk of colon cancer recurrence may help you mitigate your fears.

Colon Cancer Prevention Overview
A basic overview of colon cancer prevention plus links to more detailed information on how screening, exercise, diet, and body weight play a role in colon cancer risk.

Screening for Colon Cancer Prevention
Overview of the importance of screening for colon cancer prevention.

Lose the Weight, Drop Your Risk
Studies continue to show two things: Obesity in America is one the rise, and it's linked to an increased risk of many diseases, including colon and rectum cancers. Learn why you should consider a weight loss plan today if you are overweight or obese.

Food for Your Colon
Learn more about these healing foods, which can improve your health and wellness as you battle colon cancer.

Exercise for Colon Cancer Prevention
Overview of the importance of exercise for colon cancer prevention.

Don't Let Low Carb Equal Low Fiber
Embarking on a low carb diet doesn't mean you have to forgo the health benefits of fiber. Learn more about this invaluable nutrient and how to add it to your dishes.

Nutrition for Colon Cancer Prevention
Overview of the importance of good nutrition for colon cancer prevention.

Cancer Fighting Diets
We should all be wary of any diet claiming to cure cancer. Explore the different popular cancer fighting diets currently being promoted.

Healthy Body Weight and Shape for Colon Cancer Prevention
Overview of the importance of a healthy body weight and shape for colon cancer prevention.

Super Foods and Not-So-Super Foods
The hype on super foods to prevent cancer change each week. Learn what constitutes a healthy, wellness promoting diet and learn how to get started today.

Protecting Young Colons
Colon cancer is not only a disease of the elderly. Learn how to decrease your children's risk of developing colon cancer and teach them healthy habits that will last for a lifetime.

Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Reduce Colon Cancer Risk?
Hormone replacement therapy may reduce colon cancer risk for postmenopausal women.

Is it Safe to Exercise with Cancer?
Is it safe to exercise with cancer? People often wonder if they should begin or keep doing a program of physical activity after a cancer diagnosis. What type of exercise with cancer is safest? Get the facts on how to exercise safely with cancer.

How Can I Reduce My High C-Reactive Protein Levels?
High C reactive protein levels in the blood signal excessive inflammation in the body. Learn the steps you can take to reduce inflammation, which in turn may lower colon cancer risk.

Colon Cancer and Smoking
Smoking may increase your life-long risk of developing colon cancer. Learn how smoking impacts your colon cancer risk and treatment options. Quitting is not easy, but it can improve your colon's health almost immediately.

A colon polyp is an abnormal growth in the lining of your colon. There are many different types of polyps, but only 10 percent of them will grow into colon cancer. Learn more about the types of polyps, the risk for colon cancer and how they are treated.

Colon Cancer Recurrence
Survivors of colon cancer face the chance of a recurrence. Learn about the statistics, symptoms and treatment of colon cancer recurrence.

Overview of Colon Cancer Survival Rates
Overview of the colon cancer five-year survival rates by stage. Learn what the numbers mean, how they are used, and how they apply to you.

Top 10 Things to Stop Doing If You Have Colon Cancer
While your body fights the internal battle against cancer, stop doing these 10 things to help facilitate healing. Your mental and physical health can impact your survival with this disease.

Colon Cancer Survival Rates - Top Ten Ways to Improve Colon Cancer Survival...
Colon Cancer Survival Rates - Top Ten Ways to Improve Colon Cancer Survival Rates

Does Junk Food Hurt My Body?
Junk food itself is not directly linked to colon cancer but obesity, sugars, and processed foods can increase your risk. Learn how to snack smart.

The Meat Debate: Carnivores and Colon Cancer
Carnivores versus vegans -- the great meat debate continues as studies show an increased colon cancer risk with red meat consumption.

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