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Colon Cancer Research

Here you can learn about colon cancer research, including the pros and cons of clinical trials, how to find and enroll in colon cancer research in your area, and the latest findings on colon cancer prevention and treatment.

Human Microbiomes and Fecal Transplants
Many microbes live harmoniously within your body – they are not all harmful. Take the lactobacillus microbe, or the "good bacteria" in yogurt. This organism helps clean your colon of all the "bad bacteria" such as streptococcus and yeast, and many other organisms that can hurt you if left unchecked. Learn more about the advances in science, including fecal transplants, that may help relieve your symptoms.

Should You Eat More Vegetables to Prevent Cancer?
A new study questions "eat more vegetables" advice. Do fruits and vegetables prevent cancer? Should you eat more vegetables?

What is a Clinical Trial?
A description of cancer clinical trials.

Should I Try a Clinical Trial?
Learn about the pros and cons of enrolling in a clinical trial.

Why is KRAS Testing Needed BeforeAnti-EGFR Therapy?
New research on the importance of KRAS gene testing before treatment with Anti-EGFR therapy.

Does Exercise Improve Colon Cancer Survival?
Learn about exciting research that shows it's never too late to benefit from regular exercise.

What's the Best Way To Manage Nausea?
New research on a new medication proven to better manage chemotherapy-related nausea.

What is Chemoprevention?
Chemopreventive drugs have pervaded scientific research in colon cancer for decades. Studies are underway to learn how certain chemicals can help stop cancer before it starts. Learn more about this measure here.

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