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How Do I Prepare For a Colonoscopy?

Learn the Importance of Properly Preparing for a Colonoscopy Exam


Updated April 29, 2014


What Should You Expect When Preparing for Colonoscopy?

If you need to prepare for a colonoscopy, you'll want to know what to expect.

Preparing For Colonoscopy

To prepare for a colonoscopy, you will need to clear everything out of your colon. As you might have guessed, this means taking laxatives and possibly giving yourself an enema to remove all stool before the colonoscopy.

This is the most important part of colonoscopy preparation. If your colon is not completely empty, the doctor will not be able to see your colon clearly. He or she could miss adenomas and polyps – the small growths that need to be removed to reduce the risk of later developing colon cancer – or other signs of cancer.

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