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Preparing for a Colonoscopy


Updated August 21, 2012

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Take a Moment to Relax
Preparing for a Colonoscopy

Take a walk and clear your mind.

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Now that 50 percent of the work and planning is complete, it's time to relax prior to your exam. There is nothing (at this moment) you can do to alter the results. If your doctor finds a mass in your colon, he or she will help you explore treatment options at that time. Prolonged stress manifests in many physical symptoms, including irritability and insomnia, neither of which you need before walking into a colonoscopy.

If you're wound up tight and can't relax the days prior to your colonoscopy, here are some suggestions to help you unwind:

  • Take a walk or spend some quiet time outside
  • Talk to friends and family about your fears
  • Read a book, watch a movie, or meditate – give your brain a break

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