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Overview of the Large Intestine


Updated: September 14, 2006

The large intestine connects with the small intestine to the north and freedom (open air) to the south. It begins with the cecum and ends with the anus.
Diagram of the Large Intestine, © Donna Myers 2006 (coloncancer.guide@about.com)

Large Intestine

© Donna Myers 2006
When waste first reaches the large intestine, it dumps into it like sludge from a chute. The sludge solidifies as it travels through the large intestine. If all is well, the waste is in solid form (but not too solid) when it reaches the rectum.

The large intestine is the same thing as the large bowel. The main components of the large intestine include the cecum, appendix, colon, rectum, anal canal, and anus.

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